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Bell Gardens album coming soon

Bell Gardens Music combines the musical visions of Kenneth James Gibson (Furry Things) and Brian McBride (Stars of the Lid).


Posted 16.10.14

Fuxa vinyl now available 'Dirty Frequencies'

Posted 06.10.14

Rocket Girl is thrilled to sign new band ARMS

Arms are a London-based, six-piece musical ensemble formed by a group of supremely talented solo artists who felt that the collective sum of their parts could be best utilised as a single unit. Debut single coming soon.

Posted 15.09.14

Hear the opening track from the new Bell Gardens album here



Posted 28.08.14

Anthony Reynolds - "Redheads Are Pretty And They've Been Pretty Good To Me"

Taken from the forthcoming album "Underwater Wildlife"


Posted 21.08.14

Bell Gardens new album, coming soon...



Posted 21.08.14

Rocket Girl is super proud to announce the signing of Bell Gardens

Formed in 2010 by Kenneth James Gibson ([a]pendics.shuffle and formerly Furry Things) and Brian McBride (Stars of the Lid). The duo's forthcoming record Slow Dawns for Lost Conclusions (follow-up to last year's debut Full Sundown Assembly) showcases a sound that hones the tender,elegantly understated arrangements first presented on its predecessor.
Rocket Girl will release the incredible Slow Dawns for Lost Conclusions worldwide in October.

Posted 01.07.14

"Polar Winter" from Sam Kills Two...

has been used in an episode of superb BBC Three drama 'In The Flesh', series 2. Episode 1 kicked off last week and will be running on Sundays at 10pm.Here's a recently recorded Som Vinter piano version of the song. (Fred's new solo project)


Posted 12.05.14

God is an Astronaut May Dates

Posted 25.03.14

God is an Astronaut April Dates

Posted 25.03.14